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Wairarapa retailers are welcoming the new $20, $50 and $100 notes with improved security features.Making them harder to counterfeit but easier for people to check, the new money has a native bird icon that changes colour when the note is tilted, a large clear window with a detailed metallic element, and a “puzzle number” which is visible when held up to the light.Masterton Thirsty Liquor owner Raj Patel said the new notes would be too hard for fraudsters to replicate, with the larger, clear and detailed window.”That sort of thing is not possible in a photocopy. Security wise it’s a lot better and harder now for people to do fake notes.”Last year a man had tried to use a fake $50 note to buy alcohol from Mr Patel’s store.Mr Patel said the man had a bottle of tequila in one hand, placed a scrunched up note on the counter and briskly walked out of the store. He said it had taken him “three to five seconds” to realise the scrunched up note was fake.”As soon as we opened it we could tell, it didn’t look like a good fake because it was printed on paper not plastic.”Mr Patel said the man made a quick getaway in a vehicle, the number plate of which he reported to the police.Mrs Patel said thankfully her husband had recognised the note to be a fraud and refused the sale.She said with the new $5 and $10 notes, which were released in October last year, it was easy to tell if it was genuine money.”On the clear area you can see all those colourful lines. cheap oakley sunglasses

Actress Tori Spelling is 35. Actress Melanie Lynskey is 31. Actress Megan Fox is 22. I think there’s already a laser game place opening up in west street pretty soon in the old family leisure building. It’s being gutted at the moment in preparation. Someone told me it was due to open ina couple of months.

Apple’s iPhone owners overslept by an hour on Tuesday morning after a glitch in the gadget failed to set off the alarm on time. Tuesday’s error, contained within the iPhone’s recurrent alarm feature, meant the alarm setting remained the same as it was before the clocks were changed at the weekend.Users of Twitter were also quick to make jokes at Apple’s expense. Garrettc wrote: “Daddy, do you remember where you were during the great iPhone alarm calamity of 2010?’ ‘No son, I was asleep.'”Siobhan 83 wrote: “Ben’s iPhone alarm didn’t go off this (Tuesday) morning, used it as an opportunity to tell him younger, newer models aren’t always the better option.”However, James Oakley from London did not see the funny side.

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