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The metabolic dysregulation hypothesis postulates impaired compensatory mechanisms associated with neuronal/glial energy production7. More recently, neuronal activity dependent degeneration mechanisms have been postulated to explain the pathology as a consequence of neuronal/synaptic hyperactivity that expands a ‘toxic’ effect on surrounding connected neurons/synapses1,8. Tissular neurodegeneration and associated grey matter atrophy are other common hallmarks of disease progression, although their causes and roles are not totally understood, being generally thought of as a consequence of previous neuropathological factors..

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I not financially sophisticated enough to understand the labyrinthine ins and outs of private equity deals. But I don think I need to be. Here, my relative ignorance is actually a plus. I’m lobbying for a total shift in focus and searching for practical activities to help mom improve self efficacy. With improved self efficacy (and a restructured environment that supports it) she can be a partner in her well being rather than a reluctant customer of our ideas for wellness. Before the need is critical.

Daniel Heaslip of Windstar and Justin Bertsch and Gene Fieger of Hideout tied for 10th at 145.Fieger tied for second in the Senior Division behind Peter Oakley, who had a 144. Nevin Sutcliffe of Majestic tied for eighth at 150.FSGA Mid Amateur Stroke Play: Joe Alfieri of Lutz won the tournament at Fiddlesticks on May 3 by two shots over Thad Hudgens of Longwood. Alfieri won the title in 2013, and was second last year.

[In] the late 1960s going into the early ’70s, [being gay] was considered to be something you “fixed.” This was an adolescent psychiatric hospital, so people were teens into early 20s, and there were some people there who were there to have their gayness “fixed.” So for me, it was like treating a disease you have to do something about it. I remember thinking, “I have enough issues without adding this to the list.” I thought, “Oh, God, but for the grace of God, there go I.”.

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